Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Goodbye, Land of Trudeau

In honour of Mark Steyn's coming banishment from the Just Society by the BC Human Rights Tribunal (to the tune of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"):

When will the order come down?
When am I gonna be banned?
I should have stayed on my farm -
I could be listening to "Candy Man"!
You know there's no hope for us Ezra
We're David Ahenakew -
Or that's what Elmo and his friends keep hopin' -
These boys'll get hung just for bringin' the news

So goodbye, land of Trudeau
Where the gods of propriety scowl
They won't print me even in Penthouse
I'm going back to my crowd
Back to my howling at National Review
To Frum and Krauthammer I go
The Tribunal's decided my future lies
Beyond the land of Trudeau

What do you think they'll do, then?
I bet they'll shut down Maclean's
And take in a couple of talks on Ebonics
Then head out fightin' hate again
Or maybe Kinsella'd replace me
I'm guessing that he can be found
Locked in the men's room at Denny's
Snappin' graffiti 'bout Jews on the ground

Repeat chorus, wave lighters.