Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mark Steyn and Osgoode students on TVO

Mark Steyn defended himself and Maclean's against the accusations of the Canadian Islamic Congress and the Osgoode students. You can watch the debate here. The three got talking quite a lot about the remarks by someone called Mullah Krekar that Steyn put in the Maclean's article. Krekar said Muslims in Europe were breeding "like mosquitoes," and this has sometimes been attributed to Steyn himself.

An awful lot of talk was about that quote. One of the students, Naseem Mithoowani, after acknowledging that the remarks were not out of the mouth of Steyn, but this Norwegian mullah, said that it was comparable to quoting Adolf Hitler as representative of all Christians. Khurrum Awan then said it would be like quoting Ernst Zundel as representative of white Canadian men. Of course, that would be very unfair. It would be bad writing, bad reasoning, and incredibly stupid. But would it be illegal? Should it be?